I’ve spent this past weekend with some amazing women.  I’ve always known these women are phenomenal, but this past weekend brought a new understanding of how wonderful it is to be surrounded in my family by women who are beautiful, smart, and full of laughter.

The most amazing part is how all of our lives, despite miles between us physically and days between our time together, intertwine and tell similar stories with prevailing lessons.  As stories and commentaries flowed this weekend, the unifying factor was deafeningly clear: women are amazing creatures.

Women are giving and forgiving.  Regardless of the tears shed or the misunderstandings or the times we’ve not received in return, the spirit remains to give and forgive.

Women put others needs before their own.  The needs of their children, their husbands, their family, and their friends are always on the forefront.  This relates to the giving nature women are blessed with along with the selflessness to seek the smile and response in others that confirms why we are the nurturers that we are.

Women love.  Women love hard.  Women love without fear, and women continue to love after hurt has bruised and hardened the heart.

Women keep going.  The demands of the day, for the working mom and the stay at home mom, often overwhelm and fatigue a woman just at the thought.  The demands of the day overwhelm and fatigue the woman who doesn’t have kids, who is just trying to live up to the image that is plastered around her, showing her what is expected and what is right.  Women keep going and never give up, because the weight of the world is placed and held on shoulders that are strong despite their daintiness.

Women inspire through connections, through smiles, through laughter, through an understanding nod, through so many different moments.  Women seek to inspire and uplift those around them, and women can tell immediately when someone around them needs that connection in order to see their worth, understand their purpose, and be reminded that they are not alone.

Women are able to withstand so much, but yet women are underrated.  Women go unrecognized and almost prefer it that way.  Women are complicated and so simple at the same time.

Women have their faults that sometimes overshadow their strengths.  The strengths are so much bigger in number, but the woman finds it easier to focus on the fault that stands in the way of the current ideal.

Women are beautiful.  Women are shaped differently, with different styles and color, and different preferences and different decorations.  But ultimately, women wish for others to find and see their beauty. And women are beautiful.  Despite size, despite age, despite all other factors, women are the most beautiful and glorious creatures that God created.

When I look around at the women in my family, I know that I am blessed.  I am fortunate to know such beautiful women.  I am fortunate to share memories and futures with them.  I am comforted to know that I am not alone; I am loved and I am supported and I am cherished by the women in my family, and it is the most amazing feeling to recognize that my daughters will one day have this same understanding.  I will never forget this weekend, the memories that we shared, and the stories that we heard, and I pray that my daughters will one day have this same epiphany: women are absolutely amazing, and the most amazing ones are in our family.



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