Let’s count the positives.  I woke up (1) in a comfy bed (2) next to a sleeping husband (3) and across the hall from two sweet, slumbering girls (4) in a cozy, warm house (5) with a fridge stocked full of edible good (6) to take a warm, long shower (7).  I dressed in clean clothes that fit (8), packed lunches for the day for myself and my littles (9), put on warm fall jackets (10), and walked outside to a beautiful fall day (11) to start my car (12).  I drove no more than two miles away (13) to drop my littles at a Christian Daycare facility (14) where they are loved and they can hear about God through their weekly lessons (15).  I drove to work with no incident (16) to a job that pays my bills (17), and I was greeted by coworkers who smiled in my direction and asked about my weekend (18).  I received a sweet text from my husband about our past weekend when we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary (19).  I went to my morning post to greet (and sing to) middle schoolers (20) which prompted a few greetings and smiles in return (21).  I tackled several small tasks today (22), including holding and prepping one meeting (23) and addressing one student meltdown where the parent came to school to support our team and her child (24).  I accomplished a few more tasks, including rescheduling a meeting, before leaving the building (25).  I drove without incident to pick up my girls while chatting with my mom (26) and my husband (27).  While picking up my girls and maneuvering through a function being held at their daycare, I heard several compliments of onlookers at how cute my littles are (28), and I received positive reports about my girls for the day (29).  We went home to take a walk outside (30), to pet the kitty (31), and to play (32) before coming in to eat dinner which was followed by a treat (33).  My girls watched Mickey while I clipped and managed some coupons for our next shopping trip (34) for Super Doubles (35).  The girls took baths quickly (36), and dressed for bed (37).  We picked out a book to read and one sat still while we read it together (38).  We started our routine for bed which includes prayers (39) and songs (40) followed by kisses and hugs (41).  They went to bed with only two checkins (42) while I washed dishes and packed lunches for tomorrow.  I remembered (43) to pack their dance clothes (44) according to their schedule for the week which includes princess wear (45); when I tiptoed in to find their costumes in the closet, one little was found asleep (46) while the other was doing cute hand motions to a song I couldn’t identify in her bed (47).  I stole another kiss (48), and then left the room to put the bag by the door in hopes that we will leave with all necessary items in the morning (49).  I then sat down to catch up on a few unnecessary sites on my computer for my elected downtime (50).

And here I sit.  Completely and utterly grateful.

I know that there are many more positives that I can list.  I know there are more opportunities than the 50 I listed to be thankful and grateful.  Lately, I’ve realized that it has become easier to point out the negatives and hold on to the frustrations of the day rather than enjoying the moments that surround us.  There are so many positive moments within our reach; they often fall through our fingers before we can acknowledge that the moments occurred at all.

This afternoon, after our walk down the road, my girls played outside with some of their inside toys.  While I was trying to groom our sweet old cat who lives outdoors, I glanced up at my girls who were approaching me while I was holding my scissors.  On the tip of my tongue was a reprimand to “watch out”, but I stopped.  I saw my girls framed by their curly, damp hair in the sunlight, outdoors, on a cool fall day, smiling at me as they asked if kitty was getting a haircut.  I stopped in that moment and soaked it up.  I grinned a silly grin in response to their smiles, and we giggled together.  They sat beside me as the kitty walked back and forth trying to figure out who would give in and pet her the longest.

There are positives in every negative.  Sometimes the positive is before or after, and sometimes it’s right in the middle when you think the frustrating moment won’t stop.  The positives are definitely more difficult to identify, especially when my mind is prone to harp on the negatives.  From this point on, I choose positivity.  My number right now is 50.  If that’s my baseline, that is amazing.  I’m pushing for more though.  I am determined to train my brain to find the positive in the moments that are tackling me from alarm clock to pillow during the day.  I know there are 50+, and I am determined to find each one!

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