I was walking through the doors of daycare earlier this week holding the hands of my two littles when they noticed a friend pulling in the parking lot behind us.  Kenley turned to say hello and Mila quickly followed the lead.  I held the door to wait for the friend and her mom while the girls continued to squeal and greet one another.  As the little girl walked closer with her mommy in tow, the little girl looked up at me and said “That’s my mommy”.  I smiled and looked up at her mom who smiled in response.  I realized that this is a common prideful announcement that my littles give random strangers as well, and then it hit me: I’m famous.  This mom is famous.  We are famous.  Moms are famous, and in these young, innocent moments of our littles, we are the most famous we will ever be.

In moments of stress and anxiety, I am still the one that holds up the moon.  Even after time outs and tired cries, I am the one who can solve the world’s problems.  When there is a stumble or a fall, their eyes look to me for help and relief.  Putting together puzzles, dressing up a Barbie, and building tall towers often involve requests for help which come in my direction.  The title “Mom” is a pretty famous and significant title.  It may not reach millions, and my Facebook feed isn’t full of friend requests from strangers, but there are two little girls who place me on a pedestal that is completely undeserving.  I know one day I will fall and my title will tear away, bringing me off of the pedestal that they’ve placed me on, but for now, I will enjoy it.

The rush of the daily grind often gets in the way of enjoying those moments where I realize I’m pretty darn special.  Insignificant to most, but adored by them, and that is worth all the money in the world.  This fame is priceless and irreplaceable.  There is no amount of money that can provide the same amount of admiration that the eyes of my children give me throughout my day.  And the little words “That’s my mommy” will be my stamp of proof that forever reminds me that I’m famous and, most of all, loved.



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