Manhattan Night Skyline Wallpaper

The picture above is your sin.  It’s your sin, your neighbor’s sin, your husband’s sin, your coworker’s sin, etc.  Every building represents a different person and the height reflects the way we judge sin from our earthly perspective.  Some sin we place more weight on.  Some sin, we decide, should be punished while we can continue to sin in a different way that may not appear to be so obvious.  Interesting.

Note: The full-size image is 1.6 MB.

This picture shows God’s view of sin.  Looking from the top down, it’s a little hard to tell what kind of sin is happening.  Everything looks the same, doesn’t it?  Heights are difficult to compare; therefore, all sin is treated equally.  No matter how often, no matter how frequent, no matter the type, sin is sin.

This analogy had me like whoa.  Our church pulled this idea together showing the congregation a sideview of what could be a bargraph or a skyline with the onlooker understanding that the different sizes reflect the amount of weight we want to assign to certain sins.  The aerial view shows the way God sees our sin.  It is the same.  Sin is sin, and we should always strive to avoid it, but it is the same in the eyes of God.  A person’s decision to sin a different way isn’t a ticket to shun someone else.

I am not one to preach to this because I am far from where I know I need to be in my faith.  I know I have a long way to go, but the analogy that was presented Sunday has echoed through my days this week.  It’s come up in conversation, it’s been at the forefront as I’ve listened to news stories, and it’s a part of my conscience as I go through each day.  I know that there are so many issues shoved in our face through social media avenues showing us how we should make a stand, speak out, respond and react, or not tolerate other people’s choices.  My humble opinion is freakin’ BE HUMAN.  Be human to your neighbor whom God commands you to love.  Period.  Not “Love your neighbor unless they are gay”.  It doesn’t say that, and while I can’t quote scripture very well, I’m pretty confident I can defend that.  I’ve read post after post after post on Facebook of divided friends, and I often bite my tongue and continue to scroll, thinking “Not my circus, not my monkeys”.  I’m also telling myself that if people would just be open minded, consider acceptance, stand together, and embrace the fact that we are all so very different as God intended, we could celebrate rather than create conflict.  It feels like we, as a society, are making a conscious choice to live in anger, hate, and isolation rather than finding ways to love each other and celebrate the unique ways that we are made.

Some of the thoughts in this blog are not my own but a combination of thoughts that I’ve collected through my favorite research which includes mindless scrolling.  I love finding a post that I connect with, and I know that is what it was all originally intended for: connection.  We are human.  We want a connection.  We want to feel connected to someone, anyone else, who could understand.  Be that connection for someone.  Be human.  The world would be a much better place if we could get outside of ourselves and, for once, think about the person standing next to you.  Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be human in every moment, because there is always an opportunity to make a difference.


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