Dance and twirl little girl.  Oh, it is so sweet to see them mimic the moves of their teacher.  Wearing their tutus and their leotards and their tiny ballet flats creates a memory that I hope always stays strong.


Mila pranced in with no fear and no inhibitions.  Little girls scattered throughout the room were tearing up and calling for their mommy.  Mila walked right in and stood in the center of the room to look at herself in the mirror.  I wonder everyday who she is going to grow into.  She is my question mark.  She is my stubborn soul who wants to resist and give in at the same time.  In this moment, she likes dance so we will run with it hoping that tomorrow she decides to continue to like it still.

Kenley walked towards the door and turned to ask me to follow.  She loves the attention that comes with being the dramatic one, but my heart knows that she doesn’t need me already in so many ways that I wish she did.  Part of me is proud that she walks with confidence that I still can’t find at the age of 32.  The other part of me longs for the baby that stayed so close to mommy before crawling was a part of her world.  Since the day she started crawling, she has pulled further and further away attempting to find where she fits.  She loves people, and she pushes me constantly to be the her social butterfly sidekick which the introvert in me finds completely difficult.  I am able to suck it up for her, because her happiness is worth my discomfort.  I realize that moms everywhere learn this very quickly.

Does it matter that they love dance?  Not really.  Does it matter if they are good at it?  No.  Does it matter if one day they look at me and say dance is not their thing? Not at all.  It does matter that they get to explore a new world, because dance has never been a world I belonged to unless liquid encouragement was involved.  Exploring worlds that are unfamiliar bring the greatest joys and fulfilling challenges.  That is what matters, and that is why my heart flutters when they spin in their tutus.  They find beauty in this world, and I find beauty in them. ❤



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